Premier League website posts Jose Mourinho to Chelsea announcement early

It's been a foregone conclusion for weeks now, but just to make sure the game's worst kept secret isn't a secret at all, the Premier League's official website prematurely published the announcement that Jose Mourinho will return to Chelsea. The story is dated Monday, June 3 and was published more than 24 hours early, with x's as place holders for the length of his contract.

The announcement reads:

Jose Mourinho has returned to Stamford Bridge after agreeing to take over as Chelsea manager for the second time.

The 50-year-old Portuguese, who guided Chelsea to back-to-back Barclays Premier League titles in his first two seasons in charge, returns to the west London club after an absence of almost six-years.

It then goes on to list his accomplishments both at Chelsea and in the six years since he left. As of this writing, the story is still live on the Premier League's site.

Mourinho led Real Madrid to a 4-2 win in their last match of the season on Saturday and was expected to fly out to London the following day ahead of an official announcement of his return to Chelsea. Which appears to be scheduled for Monday if this over-eager report from the Premier League is to be believed.

UPDATE: The Premier League has taken down the story and issued a statement on the matter. From the BBC:

"It was a publishing error. We took it down as soon as we were notified of it. We've apologised to Chelsea," said a Premier League spokesman.

But that, of course, doesn't necessarily mean the story isn't true.