Premier League Positives: An attempt to say something nice about all 20 teams

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

It can be easy to get bogged down in the negative during the long Premier League season. But no matter how awful your favorite club performs, it's still beneficial to highlight the positives from time to time just to keep a sense of perspective. So allow DT to help you see the bright side of whatever your club's current situation might be.

Arsenal: In first place despite having to play Nicklas Bendtner from time to time. That should be worth a trophy right there.

Aston Villa: Still undefeated this season (when Prince William is in attendance).

Cardiff City: Haven't scored a goal in five of their last seven matches, making any of the club's fans who are still virgins feel better about themselves.

Chelsea: Romelu Lukaku's loan ends in just five months!!!

Crystal Palace: Two wins and two clean sheets in the last two matches under Tony Pulis and he hasn't even started headbutting his players while naked yet.

Everton: Romelu Lukaku's loan doesn't end until five long months from now!!!

Fulham: Steve Sidwell is leading the team in goals. That's just weird.

Hull City: Striker Danny Graham finally scored his first goal in 28 Premier League matches against Swansea. Watch out, Steve Sidwell.

Liverpool: If Brendan Rodgers sews Luis Suarez's mouth shut, there will be nothing to stop him from playing every remaining match and scoring 8,000 goals this season.

Manchester City: Martin Demichelis has the most luxurious hair in the league.

Manchester United: If Roy Keane doesn't murder Sir Alex Ferguson, he could still come back.

Newcastle: Joe Kinnear keeping himself busy by trying to sign players the club already own is working out nicely for Premier League Manager of the Month Alan Pardew.

Norwich: Won't have to play against Luis Suarez again until April!

Southampton: Artur Boruc will be back and better than ever as soon as he finishing building his robot hook hand to replace his broken one.

Stoke: Made Jose Mourinho make this face...

Sunderland: There are a lot of lovely people in the Championship.

Swansea: Still the best Welsh club in the Premier League.

Tottenham: Can still beat relegation threatened Fulham and Sunderland without Gareth Bale.

West Brom: The look on people's faces when you remind them that Nicolas Anelka is a member of this team is hilarious.

West Ham: Sam Allardyce can fit 17 Cadbury Creme Eggs in his mouth at one time.

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