Portuguese artist creates custom Mario Balotelli camouflage boots

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Mario Balotelli's love of camouflage led him to customize his Bentley in a war machine paint job. That car ended up getting urinated on by a Manchester United fan before Balotelli left Man City for Milan, but no one would dare to relieve themselves on Portuguese artist Mr. Dheo's custom Balotelli boots.

To celebrate Mario's immediate success at Milan after his struggles in Manchester earlier this season, Mr. Dheo customized a pair of Nike Mercurial Miracle III FG boots with a camo colorway, the Superman logo, Italian flag and the words "Balo is back" emblazoned across the side. On the shoebox, Mr. Dheo added a portrait of Balotelli on the outside and the words "guess who's back..." on the inside. Have a look...

It seems unlikely that Nike would ever let Balotelli wear these boots on the pitch considering the fact that the Swoosh is the least noticeable thing on them. Then again, it is Mario Balotelli, so you never know.

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