Pornstar makes music video to help former Barcelona President Joan Laporta get re-elected

Dirty Tackle

During Joan Laporta's seven-year reign as President of Barcelona, he brought in Ronaldinho, Deco, Samuel Eto'o, and appointed Pep Guardiola as first team manager. Despite these successes, the Spanish politician was ousted in a storm of controversy by former cohort Sandro Rossell in 2010, and has since become a member of Catalan parliament.

Laporta is now said to be seeking re-election at Barcelona, and he's clearly taking the campaign seriously. So seriously, in fact, that he's been supported with a music video from Spanish pornstar Maria Lapiedra. That's the same Maria Lapiedra who earned him ridicule by backing his parliamentary campaign. It's also the same Maria Lapiedra with whom Laporta is romantically involved, and who reportedly enjoyed a recent 'pre-wedding honeymoon' with the divorced father of three.

If you're impressed by the classy production values (sweet choreography, practise field and old Barcelona shirts guys!) then wait until you see some of the lyrics to 'Laporta, mi hombre' ('Laporta, my man'). Here's some excerpts:

The man who brought glory and honor and victory, prestige and value.
The man who punched the Whites with that 6-2 win.
The man who moved my bed, with Catalan fury, manhood and love.

Well, two of those three sentences will probably help his re-election.

There are plenty of extraordinarily inappropriate clips of Maria on YouTube, but I'll close this bizarre post with one that's just plain creepy: her Marilyn Monroe-styl birthday ode to Senor Laporta...

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