‘Poor old’ Man United’s loss to Newcastle in David Moyes’ pained facial expressions

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Manchester United lost their second straight match at Old Trafford, giving Newcastle their first win there in 41 years. ""It was a magnificent performance but I know we probably won't get the headlines because poor old United and David [Moyes]," said Newcastle manager Alan Pardew after the match, giving Moyes era Man United a new nickname.

Here's the match through the pained facial expressions of poor old David Moyes...

"This is as close as I can come to smiling now."

"So after losing at home against my old club, Rio Ferdinand has publicly complained about my secret and constantly changing team selection and there have been rumors of Robin van Persie demanding a transfer. The only way this week could get worse is if I lead Man United to a second straight home loss for the first time since 2002. That would be bad."

"And we're losing again. This is the hardest anyone has ever frowned."

"Come on, David. You've got to do something. Take matters into your own hands and change this game! You can do this!"

"Definitely took that last thought way too literally. Should I steal the ball and just run away forever? Maybe they would cancel the rest of the season and I won't get sacked? I can live off the land on an island somewhere. Just me and ball. Tom Hanks should make a film about that."

"I've made a huge mistake."

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