Polish legend says his 8-year-old grandson moves better than Andy Carroll

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Ahead of England's World Cup qualifier against Poland, former Juventus player and Polish legend Zbigniew Boniek decided it was the perfect time to show he can still take shots better than Andy Carroll can.

From the Telegraph:

"My [eight-year-old] grandson Mateo moves better on the pitch than Andy Carroll," said Boniek. "Mateo is very good at golf and tennis. He has better co-ordination."

Well, OK then. Either Boniek is trying to get Liverpool to buy his grandson for £35 million or he really doesn't think very much of Andy Carroll. Maybe this is just his roundabout way of suggesting that Carroll take up golf and tennis?

Whatever the case may be, Boniek has an impressive mustache and Andy Carroll has no mustache at all. Advantage: Boniek.

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