Polish fan threw TV out of third-story window after Russia scored

Dirty Tackle
If you catch it you can keep it (Getty/Y! Illustration)
If you catch it you can keep it (Getty/Y! Illustration)

When Alan Dzagoev put Russia ahead in their heated Group A tie with Poland, the co-hosts may have feared the kind of onslaught the Russians delivered to the Czech Republic in their opening game.

One Polish supporter was so distraught by this prospect that he pulled a Keith Richards and threw his TV out of his third-story window in frustration. The AFP reports:

"When Russia scored the first goal, the man was so overcome by emotion that he took his old television and simply chucked it out the window," Tomasz Czerniak, spokesman for the municipal police, told AFP Wednesday.

"Fortunately no one was around, so the television just fell, exploded, but no one was injured," he added.

Neighbours in the southern Polish city of Sosnowiec reported the 46-year-old to police, who showed up at half-time to find the man uncooperative and heavily drunk, Czerniak said.

Since the 46-year-old was escorted from his home by police at halftime, he missed Poland's 57th-minute equalizer. The police — who also issued a  500 Zloty ($144) fine for the rock star antics — are still unsure if the man is aware that Poland earned a point in the match because he was so inebriated.

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Essentially, the moral of the story is to refrain from throwing your TV out of the window until the game is over. But if you're drunk enough for this kind of reckless cliché, you're probably not going to remember the game anyway.

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