Point-blank Robinho miss and tear gas interrupt Milan match

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Robinho has had some impressive misses to go with his many tremendous shows of skill, but this is one of the most befuddling in his collection.

An hour into Milan's 0-2 win over Genoa, Robinho tried to bury a pass from Alberto Aquilani in the wide-open net from point-blank range, but somehow managed to blast it over the crossbar. Perhaps he can use the cloud of tear gas that stopped the match and drove both teams back into the dressing rooms during the first half as an excuse, though.

From Reuters:

The game was halted for nine minutes in the first half after the teargas incident left players, officials and fans coughing and wiping their eyes.

Local media said police threw the teargas to stop scuffling outside the stadium.

I guess this guy got transferred to the Genoa precinct.


Photo: AP