Pitch invader interrupts match to give Cristiano Ronaldo a very long hug

After Cristiano Ronaldo scored twice to get his revenge against Jose Mourinho as Real Madrid played Chelsea in the International Champions Cup final in Miami, a pitch invader wearing a Ronaldo shirt managed to get rather intimate with his hero. Ronaldo obliged as the fan hugged him for a rather incredible length of time without interference from Sun Life Stadium's dozy security.

The fan appeared to whisper his entire life story to Ronaldo, who calmly went with it until a cop finally strolled by to escort the pitch invader away.

You can say a lot of things about Ronaldo, but you can't say he isn't a good listener.

UPDATE: According to WPLG in Miami, police identified the pitch invader as a 20-year-old Albanian man named Ronaldo Ronald Gjoka and charged him with trespassing and disorderly conduct. Here's what Gjoka told Cristiano:

"Honestly, first thing was look straight, find Cristiano and don't look back. Just go," said Gjoka. "I decided to add a little knee slid on it just for a little celebration. I think Ronaldo always does that celebration so I thought that he would find it funny, and he did -- he gave it a little laugh -- but after that, [I] gave him a big hug, told him [you're] one of my biggest idols, always followed you, please -- and I said, 'Please, Ronaldo, don't let the cops take me,' and that's when Ronaldo gave me a very big hug to make sure that the cops wouldn't take me."

Except, they eventually did take him and now he's out of jail on bond.

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