Pique looking confused in Israel

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Since he has some free time on his hands, Gerard Pique accompanied girlfriend and public make-out partner Shakira on a trip to Israel as part of her work as an ambassador for the UNICEF conspiracy. And pretty much the whole time they were there, Pique looked lost and confused.

That's the couple with Israel president Shimon Peres at the top of the post. While everyone else is forcing themselves to smile, Pique looks like he's watching a lion eat a gazelle. This was only the beginning, though...


"I wonder what Zlatan's doing right now..."

"Is that a moon bounce?!"

"No one told me that my shirt, pants and belt were all supposed to be the same color."

"Hahaha I had no idea Tony Blair still exists."

Photos: Getty, Reuters, AP

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