Philly fans mock coach's DUI with '99 Bottles of Beer' in its entirety

Brooks Peck

Philadelphia sports fans have long been known as some of the harshest in the U.S. From throwing ice balls at a drunk Santa Claus to booing anything that moves, they can rarely be mistaken for library patrons and now, they're sharing their charms with MLS.

When the Kansas City Wizards visited the Union last Saturday, their coach, Peter Vermes, should have expected to hear a shout or two from the crowd about his recent drunk-driving arrest. The Union's Sons of Ben supporters club went a little beyond that, however, and sang "99 Bottles of Beer." The. Whole. Song.

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From The 700 Level:

This consumed much of the first half, though there were interruptions for other game-action chants and one celebration. Then, right back to the bottles of beer. About midway through, some fans started holding up their keys, and soon everyone was doing it. There's a bit of a "Let he who is without ARD classes cast the first stone" element, but it was still funny.

As you can hear in the video above, they modified the song to include the phrase "Peter Vermes, give us your keys" and ended with a chant of the popular billboard slogan "over the limit, under arrest." Overall, this was mostly impressive because this might be the first time the song has been sung to completion (though it does sound like they jumped from four to one). I'm sure Vermes appreciated their dedication.

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