Petr Cech now has a mask to go with his helmet

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Petr Cech broke his nose during Chelsea's win over Blackburn last weekend, prompting fears that the goalkeeper will be forced to sit out the Czech Republic's Euro 2012 playoff against Montenegro on Friday. But as a man who already plays in a rugby helmet since Stephen Hunt fractured his skull during a match in 2006, Cech has proven he is not easily derailed by head injuries. So, he's gone to Italy to be fitted for an additional piece of headgear to add to his helmet in an effort to play on Friday.

Said Cech on Facebook (where he posted the above photo):

Hello everyone, Greetings from Milan. If everything works out, I will look like this on Friday during the match. It is the first photo of my new mask, so I'm sending it to you here. Peter

Cech will train in the mask on Wednesday and Thursday before a decision is made as to whether he will play.

That aside, there is a transformation going on here that some find troubling. Here's a a mock up from the Chelsea FC Facebook page that shows Petr's dark fate...


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