Peruvian fans threw soiled diapers at opposing goalkeeper

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Football has long been plagued by violence and other vile behaviors, but there is one terror that is in another category of awfulness. SOILED DIAPER THROWING. This atrocity occurred during a match between Peruvian clubs Real Garcilaso and Alianza Lima. With Alianza up 2-1 in the second half, Real Garcilaso supporters got so frustrated that they threw soiled baby diapers at Alianza's goalkeeper — a variation on the bags/cups of urine that have reportedly been thrown at opposing fans and players in other Latin American stadiums.

It's unclear if it was a diaper or something else, but one of the objects thrown hit the keeper in the face and he went down. Whether the impact hurt him or not, there is no reaction more understandable than falling to the ground and clutching your face when excrement missiles start flying (aside from running to the nearest acid bath).

Displaying a fearlessness that even a honey badger could not match, the referee then picked up a diaper that was on the pitch with his bare hands and casually handed it off to someone else.

The match then continued and Real Garcilaso eventually equalized for a 2-2 draw, proving that there really were no winners on the day. Real Garcilaso remain in first place in the Peruvian first division, though. And with fans willing to throw soiled diapers at the opposition, it's easy to see why.