Peruvian defender scores embarrassing own goal, apologizes on Twitter

Dirty Tackle

Unión Comercio faced high-flying Universitario in the penultimate match of the first stage of the 2013 Torneo Descentralizado (Peruvian first division) on Sunday, knowing they needed a win to escape a bottom-two finish. If they complete the second stage of the Torneo in the bottom two, they will be relegated.

Things didn't quite go to plan for Club Unión, however, as an extraordinarily embarrassing own goal gifted their opponents a 1-0 victory.

In the 58th minute, defender Renzo Reaños collected the ball in his own area. With absolutely no pressure around him and plenty of time, he blasted it into the top corner of his own net.

To his credit, the Peruvian had the humility to apologize for his bizarre error via Twitter:

("I feel so bad, it was my fault we lost today. I apologize to my colleagues and all the people at Unión Comercio")

This isn't the only strange goal Club Unión have conceded this season — back in February, goalkeeper Juan Flores passed out from heat exhaustion, prompting unsporting César Vallejo striker Piero Alva to jump in and pounce on the loose ball...

UPDATE: Eagle-eyed DT reader Gabriel has written in to point out that this isn't even the strangest goal Club Unión have conceded this week, let alone this season! Observe goalkeeper Juan Flores' non-heatstroke-related mishap from last Sunday...

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