This is the perfectly timed FourFourTwo cover about ‘Arsenal’s master plan’

It's a tumultuous time at Arsenal. After getting knocked out of the Capital One Cup by League Two side Bradford in a penalty shootout, Arsenal CEO Ivan Gazidis apologized to the club's understandably irate fans as journalists and even former players criticize Arsene Wenger. Every aspect of the club, from the owners down to the players, is being scrutinized and nitpicked and berated on a minute by minute basis. So what better time to have a smirking Wenger on the cover of the January 2013 edition of FourFourTwo magazine alongside the words "Wenger, Gazidis, Brady, Cazorla & Co on why they do know what they're doing."

It's genius. And I say that without an ounce of sarcasm. After all, who wants to read yet another dire appraisal about how everything is awful at Arsenal when you can finally discover what "Arsenal's master plan" really is? Whether you're an Arsenal fan or not, that's a magazine you're going to buy. "Don't worry Gunners fans, it's all under control…" said the preview for the issue on the magazine's website last week as a lead-in for an image of the spread (below) titled "Keep Calm and Carry On" and featuring a picture of Wenger posed like a cross between Jesus and The Fonz. In his monogrammed training gear.

It's available now, so if you happen to be an Arsenal executive, go pick up a copy and find out what your master plan, you know, is.