Per Mertesacker scolds Mesut Ozil for not applauding fans after loss to Man City

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Following Arsenal's 6-3 loss at Man City, Mesut Ozil just wanted to trudge down the tunnel and try to forget the disappointment. His teammates, meanwhile, were showing their appreciation for their traveling supporters with a bit of applause. When defender Per Mertesacker noticed that Ozil was walking away instead of joining in, he chased down his friend and fellow German and gave him a scolding.

Though Ozil did glance towards the angry 6'6" man yelling at him, he just kept walking without heeding Mertesacker's damand.

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Applauding the fans is hardly a required action, so Mertesacker's treatment of Ozil quietly minding his own business at the end of a frustrating day's work seemed over the top, though it is likely to endear him further to Arsenal fans. It seems someone is angling for the captaincy and it's not Ozil.

UPDATE: Making this situation even stranger, Ozil has now apologized on Facebook. He/his nervous representatives wrote:

Sorry I didn't thank the fans at the end of the game!

You have been brilliant to me and I know you had travelled a long way and spent your money to support us. I was upset with the result and know I should have come to you to say 'thank you' and I know it is a big Arsenal tradition win, lose or draw.

That message has 53,000 likes and counting. Will this be the end of it or will Mertesacker force Ozil to write personal apology notes to every traveling fan as penance?

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