Pep Guardiola shoved Cesc Fabregas by the neck

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Barcelona came back from conceding a 9th minute goal to beat Valencia 5-1 on Sunday. Lionel Messi scored four of those goals just because he can, but with Barca up 3-1 in the 77th what seemed like a routine substitution of Thiago for Cesc Fabregas got a little frisky. Fabregas gave Pep Guardiola a hug as he made his way to the bench, but after the two exchange a few calm words, Guardiola shoved Cesc by the back of the neck. Cesc laughed it off, but Guardiola didn't seem so happy.

Guardiola and Fabregas did share a laugh as they walked off the pitch after the final whistle, so this was probably just a "heat of the moment" type situation. Or Arsene Wenger temporarily seized control of Pep Guardiola's body and finally released some pent-up frustration.

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