Pep Guardiola gets hit with a tidal wave of beer, drops the Bundesliga trophy

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Though Bayern Munich won the Bundesliga title in record time back in March, the celebration was saved until after their final match of the season against Stuttgart. Claudio Pizarro gave them a little something extra to celebrate by scoring in added time to give Bayern a 1-0 win they didn't need. And once the final whistle blew, it was time for the traditional victory beer showers.

Since this was manager Pep Guardiola first beer shower experience, his players did not go easy on him. He defiantly stood up to them with the trophy hoisted over his head as they blasted him in the face. Pep has plenty of experience lifting trophies, but the addition of flying beer to the mix was apparently too much for him to handle (literally), so he dropped the trophy on the ground. Lucky for him, it was made in Germany (probably).

Here are the pictures...

Pep also served up a few beer showers himself, though.

Still, he ended up looking like he had been hit by a bus. A bus full of beer. Maybe he'll have better luck holding onto the DFP Pokal should Bayern beat Borussia Dortmund in the final next week.

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