Pele actually criticizes Neymar

Following Brazil's 2-0 loss to Mexico in a friendly on Sunday, Pele offered his critique of his country's Olympic team and his favorite player not named Pele in particular.

From the AFP:

"It is a good team, with good players but not yet ready to overcome difficulties" when they arise," said Pele, who indicated he felt Neymar "has difficulty playing against a European or Latin American" defender - more so than against Brazilian league rivals.

"He stays stuck out there on the left but that doesn't just happen in the national side but also with Santos," Pele charged, urging Neymar to move inside and become more involved in dictating the play.

So, Neymar has trouble against European and Latin American defenders -- perfectly understandable for a 20-year-old who has decided to wait a while longer before joining a major European club. Yet just two months ago Pele claimed that Neymar is better than Lionel Messi ... who had so little trouble against European defenders that he scored a record 73 goals last season.

And once again Pele proves that he will not conform to your silly concepts of logic or reason or saying things that aren't intended to troll Maradona to the point where he mistakes a pelican for a smoothie machine.