Paul Owens scores directly from a corner kick twice in one match

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Using strong winds in his favor, Paul Owens of Coleraine in the Northern Irish Premiership pulled off the rare feat of scoring two Olimpico goals in one match against Glenavon on Saturday. And he would have had a hat trick of goals directly off his corner kicks had the opposing keeper not punched a third attempt over the crossbar.

Owens lofted each ball up into the sky and let the wind do a good portion of the work. This was apparently enough to put Glenavon into a trance each time.

Making the whole thing worse for Glenavon is the fact that they had a 1-0 lead before Owens discovered this trick. But, on the bright side, at least Glenavon keeper David O'Hare was able to stave off a few extra night terrors by saving that third attempt.

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