Partizan Belgrade fans threw flares at each other, started bonfires during derby

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Belgrade's Eternal Derby between Red Star and Partizan turned into a pyromaniac's dream. Though this is standard for these two sides, the fiery depravity mutated further at the weekend when Partizan fans threw flares at each other.

You know the situation is dire when a club's fans must be separated from each other, which was the case for Partizan. Despite having an empty section of seats between them, the warring factions still found a way to scald each other by throwing lit flares back and forth like an advanced game of hot potato.

Throwing around flares was just the warm-up, though (pun intended). Play was halted in the second half when Partizan fans set a large bonfire in the stands.

From Reuters:

Early in the second half, Partizan fans hurled volleys of flares on to the athletics track and as the seats in their tier had been removed before the match for safety reasons, they used whatever flammable plastic objects they could get to start a huge fire on the durable concrete blocks.

Referee Milorad Mazic halted play for 10 minutes as the billowing smoke threatened to choke the 40,000 spectators at Red Star's Marakana stadium and two fire trucks were quickly deployed to restore some normality to the fixture, which has a long history of crowd trouble.

Red Star won 1-0, which will hopefully keep their own fans from throwing shampoo bottles through players' car windows now.

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