Papiss Cisse gets welcome card from young Newcastle fan, brings the kid presents

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Scoring 10 goals in your first nine matches is a great way to ensure a warm welcome from the fans of your new club, so Newcastle's Papiss Cisse went ahead and did that. But before all that, a four-year-old Geordie named Sam sent Cisse a "Welcome to Newcastle" card shortly after he signed in January.

According to the Newcastle Evening Chronicle, "Papiss was so taken by the gesture from Sam, when the card arrived at Newcastle's Benton Training Centre, that he arranged a secret visit to the home of the young United supporter." Well, it wasn't a total secret since Sam's dad, the Evening Chronicle writer and a photographer all knew what was going on, but it was a surprise for Sam and his seven-year-old brother Jack.

Not only did Cisse visit Sam at home, he also came bearing gifts. And he let the boys gaze upon his sparkling new Audi (picture here). Said Sam in a manner suspiciously unlike a four-year-old's speech pattern:

"To then see Papiss Cisse standing there, well that was amazing, that just doesn't happen.

"He came inside, brought us some really great gifts and then showed us his car which was amazing. It was brilliant!"

But Papiss didn't go away empty handed. Said Cisse:

"Going to see Sam and his family was just my way of saying a special thank you to a young fan who showed genuine kindness in welcoming me to a new country and new club.

"I must thank them also for the Easter bunny they gave me, it was very nice."

As delightful and heart-warming as this encounter was, the best part of the whole thing came in the story's comments section. After one reader mentioned that former Newcastle striker Michael Owen wouldn't have done what Cisse did, another saw past the question of fan appreciation and touched on a more important truth.

"Owen would have injured himself opening the card."

Yes. Yes he probably would've.