Palermo owner claims two players sent off were referee’s revenge for sacking his father

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Palermo lost 1-0 to Carpi, dropping them to second place in Serie B. Palermo had two players sent off — the first coming two minutes before Carpi's goal. This infuriated easily infuriated Palermo owner Maurizio Zamparini, a man known for sacking a manager at every meal. And it turns out he has a penchant for doing the same in his other businesses, as well.

From Football Italia:

The patron spoke to La Repubblica after today’s 1-0 Serie B defeat to Carpi, in which the Sicilians had two players sent off.

“The referee did absolutely everything,” said Zamparini. “The incredible thing is that he lives in Sevegliano, where I am from. I thought his refereeing might have been an attempt to prove he wasn’t favouring my club.

“Instead I phoned the Mayor of Sevegliano, who reminded me that five years ago I fired Candussio’s father from my business group.

“He certainly wanted revenge.”

Whether it was a purposeful act of revenge or just a case of plain old karma, maybe this will be Ebenezer Zamparini's version of the Ghost of Christmas Past. This could finally make him change his quick firing ways. But, more likely, he's probably just going to try and sack the mayor of Sevegliano, too.

UPDATE: The referee's father says he has never worked for Zamparini, who probably called a pizzeria when he thought he was talking to the mayor of Sevegliano.

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