Over half of U-17 World Cup players accidentally drugged

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Mexico U-17 World Cup

Mexico was triumphant at this summer's U-17 World Cup, becoming the first team to win the competition as hosts. It's an even more impressive feat when you consider that players from 19 of the other squads in the tournament were accidentally doped up on anabolic drugs from contaminated meat. The AP reports:

FIFA says more than half the players tested at the Under-17 World Cup in Mexico had traces of clenbuterol in their doping tests because they ate contaminated meat.

Tests in Germany after the tournament revealed players from 19 of the 24 teams showed evidence of the drug in 109 of 208 urine samples.

FIFA medical officer Jiri Dvorak calls the results "highly surprising," but insists it was "not a problem of doping, but a problem of public health."

The mass drug test failure has been blamed on the anabolic agent found in food samples served at hotels used in the tournament. The feeding of banned steroids to livestock is a serious problem in Mexico, but one that the home side managed to avoid — they switched to a fish and vegetables diet before the tournament started.

So, to summarize: Mexicans become aware of serious problem with meat, Mexicans avoid eating that meat but don't tell anyone else about it, Mexicans win World Cup tournament.

Image: Reuters

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