Only Zlatan Ibrahimovic gets presents from opposing clubs on his birthday

Zlatan Ibrahimovic celebrated his 33rd birthday on Friday and to mark the occasion like a fearful people providing a tribute offering to a vengeful god, Toulouse sent the PSG player a special gift package. Included in the package were two Toulouse shirts with his sons names on them, a Call of Duty video game, and a balm to help him recover from his heel injury.

The package was accompanied by a letter that no other club would even consider sending a player from another team.

Today is a special day for you" the letter begins. "And so, indeed, for the whole of France. How's that for the whole of France? For the entire planet! Yes, today is your birthday. 33 years, the age of Christ your son."

It also thanks Ibrahimovic for bringing "Zlatanmania" to France and concludes with:

Happy Birthday and long live the Z!


PS: Far be it from us to send you this present pending any gesture from you but still, we hope that when playing the second leg in February, you'll remember our attention ;-)

PSG thanked Toulouse for the cheeky gesture on Twitter.

The video above shows Toulouse preparing Zlatan's gift. It's worth watching just to hear the song that plays over it, which is naturally all about Zlatan, as well.

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Brooks Peck

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