The only thing Gennaro Gattuso fears is death

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Bearded fireball Rino Gattuso has been lined up to become Palermo's next manager following the club's relegation from Serie A once he ends his contract with Swiss club FC Sion. As he prepares to try and ride the mechanical bull that is the Palermo manager's seat, Gattuso has made it clear that he isn't afraid of owner Maurizio Zamparini's history of going through managers like tissues in flu season.

From Football Italia:

“I am completing the paperwork with Sion to terminate the contract early,” he told Sky Sport Italia.

“Am I afraid of President Maurizio Zamparini’s reputation for hiring and firing? No, the only thing I fear is death!

“We will do what is best for Palermo, if this marriage goes through. We talked and expressed our mutual respect. I can certainly say my playing days are over, as I can no longer take the medication I need to continue."

That medication? Elephant tranquilizers. It's the only way he can harness his fury. As for his fear of death, we can only assume that it stems from the uncertainty of what you do in the afterlife when you can no longer fight to the death.

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