Only Leo Messi gets Alexis Sanchez’s jokes

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Moving to a new team in a different country can be very hard. Not so much because you have to learn a new system and get to know new people in a different culture, but because your teammates might not get your hilarious anecdotes and witticisms.

For Alexis Sanchez, this is the nightmare he found himself in upon moving to Barcelona last summer. "Some of them find it hard to understand me, because I speak really fast," he told reporters. But there is one new teammate who does laugh at his jokes, even if he doesn't understand them: Lionel Messi. Of course.

Yes, Messi is such a great guy that he will laugh at Sanchez's quips even when everyone else complains about being unable to understand him. Perhaps their shared South American heritage helps or maybe Messi just thinks he's talking about Lego playsets.