Onesies, superheroes and pitch invaders: Newcastle fans of the Tyne-Wear derby

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

The Tyne-Wear derby is always a tense occasion. Though no police horses were punched this time around, Newcastle lost 3-0 at home to hated rivals Sunderland and that brought out the bad vibes in some Geordies, while others were too busy wearing things that would make Lady Gaga cringe. These are the Newcastle fans of the Tyne-Wear derby...

Yes, that's a grown man wearing a Newcastle onesie in public and yes, he does appear to be shouting at other people, who probably aren't wearing onesies in public. Also, that girl on the left looks like she's trying very hard to pretend he doesn't exist.

A couple years ago, Newcastle started selling a "Whey Aye Man" costume in their club shop. Well, at least one man apparently bought it and here he is in all his glory.

Ben Affleck has already been cast as Whey Aye Man for the Hollywood film.

During the ill fated match, one pitch invader attempted to show Newcastle has to score (he missed though) before getting tackled by a steward.

Another, far angrier pitch invader seemed intent on giving Newcastle manager Alan Pardew his season ticket...

But the stewards prevented him from completing his act of charity.

Once the loss was complete, these two showed off their torn up shirt.

And this guy sums up the afternoon.

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