This is an official Man City video analysis of Joe Hart farting in a car

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Man City's official YouTube channel has provided a lot of unexpected entertainment over its relatively short existence and has already become a model for other clubs to follow. It does, however, go off the rails from time to time (City kitman Les Chapman's "nature watch" segment where he tracks down a ginger kid in his underpants). This is one of those times.

In a video entitled "The Hart Fart" and labeled with an "adult humor" warning, Noel Gallagher and friends offer their commentary on a clip of goalkeeper Joe Hart farting in a car to the delight/disgust of teammates Micah Richards and Vincent Kompany. Seriously. This is a video one of the wealthiest teams in the world decided to publish on purpose.

But even if you find the content of the video to be crass and stupid, we have to appreciate Man City breaking free from the bland and rigid constraints of "professionalism" that grips the corporatized structure of top flight football these days. Micah Richards certainly does.

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