Obama jokes about David Beckham’s underwear line during LA Galaxy’s White House visit

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

The MLS champion L.A. Galaxy visited the White House on Tuesday for the traditional winners ceremony/photo op -- an event especially notable since it brought together the most powerful man in the world and the President of the United States. And President Obama's brief speech about the team quickly turned into a roast of David Beckham (who brought some impressive Three Musketeers-style facial hair).

Obama introduced the 37-year-old Beckham as a "young up-and-comer on the team" before inviting everyone to giggle at Beckham's line of underwear.

"I have to say, I gave David a hard time. I said half his teammates could be his kids. We're getting old, David. Although you're holding up better than me.

"Last year at the age of 36, David had his best year in MLS. Leading the team with 15 assists He did it despite fracturing his spine halfway through the season and injuring his hamstring a week before the championship game. He is tough. It is a rare man who can be that tough on the field and have his own line of underwear. David Beckham is that man."

That got a laugh from Beckham and his teammates before Obama praised Galaxy captain Landon Donovan, who got the biggest cheer of the day despite his lack of a personal underwear brand.

Video of the ceremony right this way...

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