Obafemi Martins scores by using some kind of video-game invincibility cheat code

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Obafemi Martins had a brace in Seattle's 4-2 win at Portland, and for his second goal he must have used an invincibility code because nothing was going to stop him from scoring. With Seattle up 3-1 in the 76th minute, Martins danced through a couple of defenders, passed it to Gonzalo Pineda, got it right back as he stumbled toward the goal, and then blew past the remaining defenders before flicking the ball over the goalkeeper to make it 4-1.

To do this against Seattle's biggest rivals made it even more special. Especially after the home fans began the day with a giant tifo of Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz holding a gas can with the Emerald City (Seattle) burning at the end of the yellow brick road behind her.

In retrospect, Portland's defenders probably regret attempting to stop Martins by standing around and tapping their heels together. Sometimes film references go too far.

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