NY Red Bulls advertise playoff match they haven’t reached yet

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

The MLS playoffs have arrived and the New York Red Bulls are trying to sell as many tickets as they can for their home semifinal match against the L.A. Galaxy on October 30 with a giant ad at the top of their official website. The only problem is that New York has the small matter of a first round match in Dallas on October 26 to get through first.

Yes, hours before they start their playoff campaign, they're already selling tickets for the next round without so much as an "if we make it..." That's confidence.

UPDATE: And that confidence proved well-founded. New York beat Dallas 2-0 to validate their advertising and the hunches of conspiracy theorists. Is David Stern running MLS while the NBA is locked out?

Spotted by the Galaxy's @JaimeACardenas

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