Norway U21 players try (and fail) to get business class upgrades by singing to cabin crew

Dirty Tackle

Norway's Harmeet Singh, who apparently can't sing (Getty)

Business class on a Turkish Airlines flight is more fun than a day with David Luiz at the puppy, candy and firework factory: sometimes you might see Wayne Rooney kick footballs at Bobby Charlton's head while Paul Scholes disapprovingly reads a broadsheet newspaper, other times you might see Kobe Bryant needlessly compete with Leo Messi for the attention of a small child. It's pretty whacky up there.

En route to Tel Aviv from Oslo for the European U21 Championships — which start on Wednesday — some members of the Norwegian team were cramped in with the proles in coach when they noticed the business class section of their Turkish Airlines flight was completely vacant.

Wanting to experience the magic they had seen in the commercials, they tried to persuade the cabin crew to grant them entry to the front of the plane with a little a capella number. It didn't go well.

Reuters reports:

Noticing that business class on the flight was empty, the quartet tried to convince the air hostesses to upgrade them by singing.

"We tried to start a song in Turkish but it didn't really work," midfielder Harmeet Singh told newspaper Verdens Gang of their unsuccessful musical efforts. "We were told to return to economy class."

Striker Flamur Kastrati blamed a lack of vocal talent for the refusal, rather than Turkish Airlines protocol or the utter lack of any incentive for the cabin crew. "The charm worked, but not the singing voice," he added, as if to imply the staff were X Factor judges.

If only the Norwegians were star players on a team sponsored by the airline, then they could have looked like this all the way to Tel Aviv...

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