No one has ever looked more furious than Xavi watching Barcelona’s loss to Real Sociedad

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

For the fourth straight season, Barcelona failed to win at Real Sociedad, this time losing 3-1. Barca manager Tata Martino decided to rest Xavi for the match, so the helpless midfielder was forced to sit and watch the whole excruciating thing from the bench. With Barca down two goals in the 75th minute, the television broadcast cut to Xavi and his face emanated all of the bitter, simmering rage that could ever exist in the known universe.

After this, they will probably change the title of the Fast and Furious movies to "The Fast and the Xavi's Face While Watching Barcelona Lose to Real Sociedad." Seeing Jose Mourinho teach Barcelona's youth academy how to play anti-football while forcing Cesc Fabregas into a cage on a dried out pitch could not have made Xavi angrier than he looked in that moment.

This is exactly what Xavi would have done if the match went on any longer than it did...

With that result and Real Madrid's 3-0 win over Elche, Barcelona fall three points behind Los Blancos in the table. Xavi's face will likely retain this expression until that changes.

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