No, Gerard Pique, this is why other teams don’t fear Barcelona as much

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

At the press conference ahead of Barcelona's Champions League round of 16 tie against Manchester City, Barca defender Gerard Pique gave an honest appraisal of why other teams might not be as afraid of the Spanish champions as they once were.

From the BBC:

Former Manchester United centre-back Pique said: "Maybe they don't fear us as before because in the last two years we didn't win the Champions League.

"We can still be the best, but we have to show to the world we can do it."

While it's true that losing to Bayern Munich by an aggregate score of 7-0 in last season's semifinal showed everyone that Barcelona can be walloped like everyone else, they are still very capable of running up the score themselves. And despite the trophy collecting standard Barca have established in recent years, reaching the Champions League semifinals six years in a row is still nothing to underestimate, no matter what Jose Mourinho says.

So, no Gerard, that's not why other clubs don't fear you as much as before. The picture at the top of this post is the real reason why. You can't wear that much denim and try to look that serious while doing it and not make people laugh.

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