Nicolas Anelka sent home in disgrace for potty-mouth rant

UPDATE: Anelka has officially been thrown out. French Football Federation president Jean-Pierre Escalettes asked the moody striker to apologize, Anelka told him to cram it with champignons, and he will leave the French camp this evening.

It's not quite clear how Raymond Domenech has managed to cling to his job since Euro 2008, but the France manager seems to be edging closer and closer to unemployment with each passing day. Thierry Henry hates him, he is losing the command of players who are divided by his team selection, and by his own admission, they "need a miracle" to progress to the last 16 of World Cup 2010.

The French boss' popularity has decreased even further following an incident in the dressing room at half-time during the loss to Mexico on Thursday. French paper L'Equipe claim that it started when Domenech scorned Nicolas Anelka for a poor first half performance. Unable to accept the criticism (even though he was pretty dire), the striker responded with a stream of profanities and insults. You can translate L'Equipe's article if you want to know exactly what he said, but the PG version runs along the lines of:

"You should go and fornicate with yourself, you dirty son of a woman of ill disrepute."

Keeping his cool, Domenech reportedly responded with "OK, you're coming off," before replacing the 31-year-old with Andre-Pierre Gignac.

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Thanks to his poop mouth, Anelka could now be sent home from the tournament, and even if he isn't, it seems unlikely he will play any further part. It just seems a shame that he didn't save the rant for Tuesday, then he could have taken the same plane home as the rest of the team...

Image: L'Equipe

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