Nicklas Bendtner gets 6-month ban from Danish team after driving drunk on wrong side of road

Brooks Peck
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Arsenal striker Nicklas Bendtner, currently experiencing an injury-plagued and goalless loan spell at Juventus, has been given a six month ban from Denmark's national team after earning a DUI in Copenhagen. This will keep him from participating in at least three World Cup qualifiers.

Said the Danish FA (via ESPN):

"DBU respects every player's right to a private life, but we still have some rules and expectations about how players on the national team behave in public.

"The behaviour of players on the national team should, at a minimum, abide by society's rules."

So what did the man who was fined €100,000 at Euro 12 for wearing exposing his sponsored underpants do to get caught? From Football Italia:

According to Danish website, Bendtner was arrested last night around 2amafter driving the wrong way up the Strand in Copenhagen.

It seems he also failed a breath test after going out with an old friend to each sushi and visit a sports bar, according to his advisor Jesper Lynghus.

On Sunday, Bendtner admitted to a "mild case of drink driving" and apologized on Twitter.

UPDATE: A Danish court punished Bendtner with a fine of 842,000 kroner ($147,000) and suspended his driver's license for three years. His blood alcohol level was 3.5 times the legal limit the night he was caught. According to the AP, Bendtner said it was "the worst day in my life" after the verdict was read.

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