Nicklas Bendtner forced to draw on socks during match

An odd scene near the start of Thursday's match between Japan and Denmark as Nicklas Bendtner colored in the white tape at the bottom of his socks. Apparently the referee in charge of the match was resolute on being a style stickler and fixated on the white that that didn't match Bendtner's red socks -- something that has gone largely unnoticed on other players throughout the tournament. So, in the fourth minute of the match, the ref sent Nicklas to the side so he could color in the tape with a red marker in a ridiculous looking attempt to blend the two together and/or look like a crazy person.

[Photos: More images of Nicklas Bendtner and his socks]

Perhaps next time, he'll step up his arts and crafts requests and ask a player to glue macaroni to his ankles or maybe do some quick paper-mache.

Video via 101gg

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