Neymar watched Pepe video to help him avoid provocation and/or getting maimed

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Neymar and Pepe have already had one very literal run-in when they faced each other in an international friendly last month. And going into Neymar's first Clasico, he'll be able to use the prep-work he did on Pepe for that match in a far more heated environment.

To ready Neymar for the Portuguese defender, the Brazilian federation showed him a tape that illustrated Pepe's aggressive style of play. And instead of Pepe getting the best of Neymar, it was Neymar who provoked Pepe by knocking him into his own goalkeeper.


“They sent me a video and they also sent one to [fellow Brazil international] Thiago Silva so that we didn’t get provoked," he told Globo TV.

“It wasn’t just for my sake, it was for the sake of my team-mates too."

So what was on the video that Neymar watched? Probably this...

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