Neymar scores 100 career goals, gets abused with cake ingredients

Neymar was a shoo-in to win the Pepé Le Pew lookalike contest
Neymar was a shoo-in to win the Pepé Le Pew lookalike contest

Here's a depressing statistics for Chelsea fans: based on his strike rate with the Blues, it would take Fernando Torres around 20 years to score 100 goals. Potential transfer target Neymar, on the other hand, yesterday completed a career century on his 20th birthday, five games into his fourth top-flight season.

In yesterday's 2-1 Campeonato defeat to Palmeiras, the prolific Santos striker joined the 100 Club after playing a total of just 186 games. According to some mathematics I did all by myself in my head — and subsequently verified with a calculator — on average he scores a little more than one goal every other game. No wonder every club is Europe wants the ginger-Mohawked youngster in their squad.

As either an early birthday present or a traditional Brazilian pre-100-goals-rite-of-passage, Neymar's Santos teammates lovingly covered him in what appears to be chocolate sauce and flour on Saturday. After being terrorized by cake ingredients, the striker uploaded the picture above to his Twitter feed with the following insight:


Presumably, he either fell asleep on the keyboard or that's Brazilian for "Stray cats licked me all the way home."

Check out a video tribute to Neymar's century after the jump...

Video via 101GG