Neymar is quite good at playing the piano… maybe

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Neymar was absent for Barcelona's King's Cup match with Getafe last week and only made a substitute appearance in the goalless draw against Atletico Madrid on Saturday, following a bout of gastroenteritis.

The precocious Brazilian might have you believe that he spent his recovery time tinkling the ivories. On Sunday, the 21-year-old uploaded two clips of himself playing a grand piano. In one, he recited a few bars of Alicia Keys' 'If I Ain't Got You', and in the other, he reminded us why he isn't a professional singer:

While some are suitably impressed at a footballer being good at more than one thing, there is some debate as to whether he is actually playing, because you cannot see his hands. And he already has form for not playing a guitar.

However, it is perfectly reasonable that a professional athlete who only works for a few hours a day could have the time, energy and finances necessary to learn a musical instrument. Also, if he was going to fake it, wouldn't he play a little better?

After all, Mario Balotelli has already set a high bar for piano fraud:

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