Neymar is making people faint outside Brazil’s hotel

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

With the Confederations Cup final between Brazil and Spain on Sunday, Neymarmania has reached new heights as the mere sight of the 21-year-old is making fans pass out from overexcitement outside Brazil's hotel. Neymar has surpassed the impossibly high expectations for him at this tournament — scoring in all three of Brazil's group-stage matches and setting up both goals in their semifinal win against Uruguay to earn a place on the Golden Ball shortlist. And with that success, the squeals of fans young and old have only gotten louder. At least, from those who can maintain consciousness upon seeing him in person.

When Brazil arrived back at their hotel after training Friday night, a now customary pack of young girls were waiting for them outside. Globoesporte picks up the story from there:

The biggest problem was when Neymar got off the bus. Upon hearing his name, the ace turned, waved to the teenager and entered the hotel. The girl could not stand the excitement and fainted.

As you can see in the video above, this wasn't just a bit of acting like what Neymar himself did against Uruguay. This girl was hyperventilating and down for the count and had to be carried away.

Neymar is getting used to these types of reactions, though. Just last month, a group of young fans attempted to power their way into the hotel lobby to chase him down and commit untold atrocities upon his slight frame...

If Neymar can help Brazil defeat locally vilified Spain in the final, his existence will probably make fans spontaneously combust. And remember, this is just the warm-up for next year's World Cup. He might want to invest in a splatter guard.

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