Neymar launches penalty into the Ramosphere after scoring nice goal against Colombia

Brooks Peck

The youthful inconsistency of Neymar was on full display in Brazil's 1-1 draw against Colombia. The 20-year-old Ballon d'Or nominee equalized for Brazil with a typically wonderful run into the box and between a couple of defenders (video below), but when he had the chance at what could have been a winner from the penalty spot in the 81st minute, he blasted the ball into the sky like he was mission control at NASA.

The penalty is being compared to Sergio Ramos' effort in Real Madrid's Champions League shootout against Bayern Munich last season, but Neymar's might have topped it. Of course, Neymar's came in a meaningless friendly and not the semifinals of the Champions League, so I doubt he's too upset.

Here's video of the goal he actually scored against Colombia...

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