Neymar is having a wonderful time at Disney World

Dirty Tackle

As a reward for helping Santos finish in eighth place in the Brazilian Campeonato, Neymar has treated himself to a trip to the land where dreams come true and professional footballers can look cool wearing Mickey Mouse hoodies while posing with struggling actresses pretending to be Disney princesses.

While most Instagram users take arty pictures of their feet on the beach while on vacation, the 20-year-old forward has been documenting the childlike thrills of his trip to Disney World on his feed.

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Perhaps the Brazilian is compensating for the fact that he was never taken to the Orlando theme park as a child, a gesture he is apparently repaying in kind to his own son, who is conspicuously absent from the pictures...


Neymar and a friend enjoy the Hollywood Tower of Terror enough to hold hands, but not enough to actually buy the picture of them on the ride.


The Santos star blasts some air guitar before boarding the Rock 'n' Roller Coaster. "Aerosmith formed 22 years before Neymar was born," said a DT writer who now feels incredibly old.


Who looks more ridiculous: the guy dressed as a "Toy Story" army man or the guy wearing jorts and bright blue sneakers?

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