Neymar dressed as a cow, Elvis and other strange things

Brooks Peck

When you're an extremely talented young footballer, it's quite normal to have promotional obligations. Why? Because money. And sometimes those promotional obligations can put talented young footballers in ridiculous situations just because they can. This is Neymar in one of those situations.

Dressed in a series of goofy yet vaguely unsettling costumes, Neymar was supposedly endorsing ice cream that may or may not have been laced with mescaline. Here's the case for "may have"...

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Between the wallpaper, the loose-fitting jumpsuit, chest tattoo and facial hair/thousand-yard stare, it appears that ice cream bar has propelled Neymar into a world of soul-crushing fudgy sadness.

And if it didn't, this costume surely did...

This is the moment where he tries to preemptively erase all memory of this happening...

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