Neymar has a doppelganger who also plays for Santos

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

At 20 years old, Neymar still has potential yet to fulfill as the next Pele/Messi/hairstylist's accident, but in the breakneck game of spotting the next big thing and overhyping it before it even had a chance, he is old news. Now we have Neilton -- the "new Neymar" -- who is only a year younger, conveniently plays for the same club and looks vaguely similar (mostly due to the hair).

Neilton brought those similarities to the attention of everyone in Brazil as he scored a hat trick -- finished off with the lovely bit of skill in the video above -- in Santo's 3-2 win over Palmeiras in the Junior Copa Sao Paulo. Neilton doesn't see the comparison to Neymar on the pitch, though. Just in the mirror.

Says Neilton (via Globoesporte):

"They say that my skill and speed resemble his features a bit, but there's no way to compare. Only the face and hair are alike."

Stay tuned next month, when we have the next Neilton -- a kid Pele thinks is already better than Leo Messi.

UPDATE: It turns out this footballer cloning program is more rampant than we thought. Spurs also have a young lookalike for Gareth Bale in 19-year-old Kenny McEvoy...

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