The Neymar doll is the only gift you’ll want this year

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Just in time for the holidays, Neymar has partnered with toy manufacturer Cosmokids to produce the Neymar doll you have been waiting for all your life. Standing the 16.5 inches tall, the Neymar doll is now available on his official website with an initial production run of just 12,000.

With a fauxhawk, big toothy grin and popped collar, the doll looks more like the personal trainer that Barbie has been seeing behind Ken's back than Neymar himself.

Every Neymar doll comes with a change kit and boots, but in addition to that it can also say and do a number of other exciting things that kids will love. Like:

-Spring loaded legs for real diving action!

-Scratch and sniff for a powerful scent that will make Pele and Maradona bicker no matter where they are in the world!

-Press its earrings to hear 12 realistic Neymar phrases like, "Let's score the sixth goal together, Leo!" and "Gareth Bale appears to be broken!"

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