Newcastle Utd welcome new players with French menu and cafeteria decorations

Dirty Tackle

Newcastle Utd now have 14 French-speaking players in their squad, and by the time you have finished this sentence, they probably will have signed six more. Geordie fans made the Magpies' new Gallic contingent feel welcome during their recent victory over Aston Villa, and now the club staff have followed suit with some French-themed hospitality.

Sammy Ameobi tweeted the above picture of the club cafeteria, which has been decorated with more Tricolore flags than Jean Girard's house on Bastille Day. The Catering staff also gave the menu a French twist...

The non-French players, however, haven't been quite so welcoming. Ameobi also tweeted news that there was a France vs The Rest of the World match in training on Thursday morning, which the French lost 5-0. The temptation to make a 'surrender' joke at this point is almost too much to bear...

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