Newcastle fans embrace their club’s French influx with costumes and flags

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

With the addition of five more French players this month, Newcastle now have 14 French speakers in the squad. It's become a joke amongst Premier League fans and a bit of a concern within the club that their penchant for gathering talent from Ligue 1 will cause a divide from the few English speakers on the team. But Newcastle supporters decided to welcome the French as best they could while showing their deep understanding of their rich culture by wearing costumes and waving French flags during Tuesday's 2-1 win against Aston Villa.

A few supporters wore berets, neckerchiefs and striped shirts with peace signs on the chest, while others brought French flags with the few French words they know ("le" and "oui") scrawled on them. Another man wore the flag as a cape and paired it with a garlic necklace.

And if this French revolution backfires, stale baguettes will rain down on the pitch at St. James' Park just as the prophecies foretold.

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