Newcastle fan who punched police horse says he’s sorry and that he loves animals

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

The Newcastle supporter who punched a police horse amidst the violence in the city center following Sunday's 3-0 loss to Sunderland quickly gained a level of international notoriety that he hasn't enjoyed. So now he's issuing a heartfelt public apology along with a declaration of his love for animals (when he's not punching them).

From The Mirror:

Tearful Barry Rogerson, 45, sobbed: “I reacted stupidly. I did not go out to attack a horse.”

He added: “I love animals – I’ve got three dogs, a fish pond out the back and I feed foxes across the road.”

As bad as the police horse incident was, when Newcastle were relegated in 2009, Barry punched every single fish in that pond.

Rogerson, an unemployed factory worker who is on disability benefits due to a lung condition "claims he panicked when police horse Bud was startled by a firecracker and bolted in front of him." But instead of running away from the startled animal, he started punching. And for that he is sorry. And he would also like you to know that he was mixing medication with alcohol (five pints, by his count).

"I would like to apologise to the horse, to all the mounted section, to people of the North East.

"I am on medication and had been drinking, but that does not excuse what happened.”

As for Bud the horse, the Yorkshire Post reports that he's doing just fine and will be back to work on Thursday.

Inspector Trevor Thackray, from the mounted police section, said: “We are pleased to say that Bud is totally fine and resting up after Sunday’s eventful operation in Newcastle. Our police horses are used to dealing with all types of disorder so, while the images on the news may have looked shocking, Bud wasn’t hurt.”

So remember: don't get tanked up on meds and beer and frustration over a football match and then punch a police horse. Now you really can't say you had no way of knowing that would end badly.

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